New Beethoven recording on a unique instrument

New Beethoven recording on a unique instrument

The CD recording Beethoven 1802 with Keiko Shichijo on fortepiano was released in September 2019 by ETCETERA Records.  This is a unique opportunity to listen to an original Frère et Soeur Stein d’Augsbourg à Vienne pianoforte built by the Geschwister Stein in Vienna in 1802. This five-and-half octave instrument was restored by Sietse Kok.

Keiko Shichijo interprets three piano works by Ludwig van Beethoven, all of which were composed and published around the year 1802.


Beethoven 1802 | Keiko Shichijo fortepiano

Sound engineer Guido Tichelman

Venue Doopsgezinde kerk, Haarlem, the Netherlands.

Label Etcetera Records /  KTC 1658

The CD is available for purchase at Etcetera Records